Raven Mark I

Vision Edit

Friends I have also designed a newly Stealth & Assault Suit called The Raven and is main capabilities is to give the wearer invisibility, noise free footsteps, shield like all my suits, flying capabilities ( Will get on that later ).

Production Edit

There is only 4 being made or legal reasons and right now I will show you all what I fixed in the producing of The Raven.

Enemy Sensors

Medical Shot (Goes into your Heart via suit)

Stealth (Invisibility, does have small flaws, will not be released until done)

Grappling Hook (Flawed and will be fixed)

Element Protection (Needs retest in Water)

Space Flight (Also needs retest)

Twin Flamethrowers (Needs major retest)

Hand Cannons (I may of fucked up a few houses So sorry home owners)

Shock Combat (Definite Retest)

Flight Edit

As I said ill cover the Flight and stability techniques: After major tests ive come up with new combat and more flying strategies I will be going into detail so PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!

Bladed Wings (Nearly killed staff member when he didn't get the hell out of the way RETEST)

Jet Powered (Don't know the limit)

Shield User (Half of the blades fall off, Retesting)

Wing pack (One wing doesn't go in)


Raven Suit Branded Shirt


Armor for Non Combat


Early Armor


My Armor


Envisioned Armor


Prototype Raven Heavy


I might put this as the helmet


Those are the wings...Except for the idiot with them