The Future Edit

Hello all this is your man in charge Ryan O. Kroshbon-Warhawk and with the ages roll by it is our job to move with it and then build upon those ages and I know you may say "How is it possible?" I say it simply like this: We've already had hardships and with the time that we had growing and building upon our future ...that will define us every age that comes around.

Titan Discontinued until further notice Edit

The Titan project will be put under lock and key immediately in the vault and the plans locked with it. I have thought carefully and think its better its released later than sooner.

Iron Mercenary recovered Edit

It brings me great tidings to say my beloved ship Iron Mercenary has been recovered and even though its in the same bad shape as I left her I will make it my personal mission to see her afloat.

To all employees Edit

Please no contact with spies or agents from other countries and if found talking to said individuals will be fired and dealt with from the authorities Thank you.